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【Southeast Asia – Trade and Cultural Exchange Connecting East and West 】

oct 4, 2023 – jan 14, 2024

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Japan and ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations) forging a bond of friendship and cooperation. Southeast Asia, historically, served as a hub for maritime trade connecting the East and the West. Over the ages, it has been a melting pot of interactions, encompassing people, commodities, and diverse cultures from across the globe. For contemporary Japanese individuals, it may be second nature to envision Southeast Asia as a destination for business, tourism, and its unique culinary delights. In this special exhibition, we aim to shed light on the themes of "trade" and "cultural exchange." Our goal is to provide a simplified perspective on the rich history and captivating cultures of Southeast Asian nations – a region of profound significance to Japan, yet surprisingly unfamiliar to many. Additionally, we will explore the intricate relationship between Japan and this dynamic part of the world.

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