An unprecedented exhibition combining rare books and the latest technologies

To both preserve and exhibit rare books, we employed state of the art SFX technologies.


Audio museum guide narrated by Toyo Bunko curators and researchers

Museum Public Audio Guide System (MPAG) is an automated voice guidance system. In the guided tour, curators and researchers from the museum have provided explanations that we hope will fascinate you as you peruse Toyo Bunko's collection.

Digital Silk Road

Select an image of the Silk Road and you can print a commemorative postcard of your visit

You can pick out images from our collection of Silk Road paintings and photographs and print a postcard free (pickup is at the entrance counter). You'll find these make for charming souvenirs from your museum visit.

Digital Book

Rare texts displayed on touch panel monitors

Through a touch panel monitor, you can see the inner contents of these rare books and exhibited scrolls. Freely turn pages and enlarge your favorite parts. In this exhibition and others, Toyo Bunko strives to both safeguard and disseminate cultural assets by digitizing its collection.

Reflections in Time The Toyo Bunko Suite

Original music"Reflections in Time - The Toyo Bunko Suite" composed by Bob Flick of the Brothers Four

Bob Flick, core member of American folk music group The Brothers Four, composed original music for the Toyo Bunko Museum.

Crevasse Effect©

A crevasse appeared in the Museum

In the "Reflections in Time" exhibition space, be cautious where you step. A crevasse has appeared in our museum floor, by a space-time distortion. The crevasse provides both thrill and intellectual excitement.


Patent Pending

Museum attendants

Museum attendants support everyone's "journey"

Museum attendants welcome all visitors when they arrive. The attendants wear bright uniforms meticulously hand-woven in Laos, which is blessed by Southeast Asia's Lao Mekong River. The attendants are knowledgeable on matters of history as well as art and are here to support your journey through the history of the Orient.

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