ArticlesRecords of the Ministry of Revenue:Qianlong Year 4 (3 volumes)Qianlong Year 6 (2 volumes)Qianlong Year 20 (32 volumes)Records of the Ministry of Rites:Qianlong Year 20 (4 volumes)Qianlong Year 53 (2 volumes)Records of the Ministry of DefenseQianlong Year 20 (2 volumes)Jiaqing Year 6 (3 volumes)Jiaqing Year 25 (4 volumes)Daoguang year 17 (1 volume)Daoguang Year 18 (1 volume)Daoguang Year 21 (1 volume)Daoguang Year 22 (1 volume)Daoguang Year 23 (1 volume)Xianfeng Year 6 (18 volumes)Xianfeng Year 7 (25 volumes)Xianfeng Year 8 (21 volumes)Xianfeng Year 9 (11 volumes)Xianfeng Year 10 (12 volumes)Records of the Ministry of Justice:Qianlong Year 20 (34 volumes)Records of the Ministry of Works:Qianlong Year 20 (6 volumes)As can be seen, nearly a third of the volumes are from the twentieth year of Qianlong.As an example of a specific memorial from Ge ke shi shu, I will show the memorial dated the twenty-first day of the twelfth month of the third year of Qianlong (1738), filed under the “Records of the Ministry of Revenue.” It should be noted that since a “rescript” was issued on the eleventh day of the second month of the fourth year of Qianlong (the following year), the memorial itself was actually filed under the fourth year of Qianlong, the year of the rescript. Due to constraints of space, it is not possible to provide the whole of the memorial. I will therefore provide only the beginning. I will first provide the Manchu version followed by its meaning in (English). I will then provide the Chinese version. The Manchu version is as follows.○ coohai jurgan i aliha amban bime, uheribe baicara yamun i ici ergi ashan i baicara amban kamciha, fugiyan, jegiyangni jergi ba i coohai baita be uheri kadalara, jeku ciyanliyang be kamcifi 007