Inter-Asia Research NetworksArticlesConferences& LecturesResearchActivitiesCoordinators’ ReportKARASHIMA Noboru(Research Fellow, Toyo Bunko; Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo) HIROSUE Masashi(Research Fellow, Toyo Bunko; Professor, College of Arts, Rikkyo University)Purpose of the SymposiumThe purpose of this symposium was to compara-tively examine state formation and social integration during the pre-modern period in two regions of Asia. The regions compared were South Asia and Southeast Asia, and the two topics of focus were: a) a re-examination of the concept of ‘Indianisation’ of Southeast Asia during the ancient and medieval periods, and b) an examination of the concept of ‘Islamicisation’ and its application to medieval society in South and Southeast Asia.European scholars began researching Southeast Asian history during the Western colonisation of this area. The interpretation by early scholars who pioneered these studies was that a highly developed Indian culture was ‘transplanted’ in Southeast Asia during an ancient period. Later Indian nationalist scholars further reinforced this notion through concepts such as ‘Greater India’ or ‘Hindu Colonies’.In the 1940s, however, a new concept ‘Indianisation of Southeast Asia’ was introduced by George Coedes. Since then many scholars have discussed various aspects of ‘Indianisation’, taking up, for example, a comparative study of temple architecture, writing systems, religious rituals, etc., and the notion of ‘transplantation’ continued to be the leading view in Southeast Asian historical studies. Only in the 1970s did a new trend emerge emphasizing indigenous development of Southeast Asian states and society. The scholars who adopt this view are called indigenists and the indigenist view has been widely current among historians.A recent, important development, the advance in pre-historic archaeological studies in Southeast Asia and The Second International Symposium of Inter-Asia Research Networks (March 8‒9, 2014)State Formation and Social Integration in Pre-modern South and Southeast Asia: A Comparative Study of Asian Societyorganizer: Prof. HAMASHITA Takeshicoordinator: Prof. KARASHIMA Noboru049